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Social Disneying - Its a thing!

This is our third time going to Disney. This past trip was by far one of my favorite trips!

Flying on the airplane was a bit interesting, since they didn't follow any social distancing, but that was never a worry of mine. We also went during a very busy time for travel, but everyone still wore their masks.

When we were on Disney property or at the parks, I felt extremely safe & comfortable. They were very good about making sure everyone had masks on properly, hand sanitizer stations were all around the parks and they were always trying to keep people socially distanced while waiting in line.

I was a bit nervous about going without fast passes, since our other two trips we had fast passes and were able to get onto all of the rides we wanted. With the limited capacity at Disney we were able to get onto all of our rides, even the big ones, multiple times per day!! The longest we waited was 45 minutes for a ride. We felt the "magic" at Disney just in a bit of a different way. Our kids are older and not as into the characters, but they loved seeing the cavalcade parades throughout the day. We loved not having to push through the crowds and rush to our next destination. I loved the freedom of not being tied to a schedule and making the most out of our trip. We were able to ride new rides, see new

parts of the park and check out new dining during this trip. The mobile dining option was perfect for our family and always gave us a spot to sit down to eat once our food was done. We never had to wait more than 10 minutes and we were able to order ahead of time too.

Using Olga to plan our trips has always been a priority for me. It is so nice to have someone who specializes in Disney and knows the ins & outs to be able to help out with the planning. I love that it is free to use her services and she has always made our trips so special (even when we plan them last minute!)!!

Thank you for all your help!

Rivera Family

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