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No Frills Flying - Do I Dare?

Many times, I get asked how bad or good are the low budget airlines specifically Frontier and Spirit. Let's be real. It sucks not to have free peanuts, pay $3.50 for water and no leg room or cushion seats but these airlines can make your vacation affordable. Of course, I miss all those perks but more importantly, I look at safety, reliability, and customer service.

This past weekend, I took a quick, last-minute trip from Tampa to Cleveland. I flew Frontier going out. Honestly, check in process was chaotic but the boarding process and flight itself was smooth. Until I got to Cleveland and my bag decided to take its own adventure! I was able to flag a representative down and she quickly went to work to track my bag. Ultimately, I left empty handed but with a promise she would follow up. She did! She called

a couple of hours later with an update. Apparently, my bag decided Cleveland was not cold enough and headed to Green Bay instead! 😊 Frontier did admit they mishandled my bag (gained my respect for that) but made sure it was on the next flight to Tampa so it could be put on the last flight to Cleveland. The bag was delivered in the wee hours of the morning. Not only did Claire from Frontier find my bag but she helped me get a quick refund for essential items purchased. Despite the initial anxiety attack and the headache of having to buy pj’s and other essentials for the night, I was very impressed with the customer service and follow up from Frontier Airlines. I really couldn't be upset. It happens to the best of us...even travel advisors!

Going home I flew Spirit Airlines. Again, another no frills airline. The check in process

in Cleveland was quick and boarding was smooth and efficient. The price of a checked bag is a killer when you buy at the airport, and the seats are uncomfortable and TIGHT, so keep this in mind. If you need more room pay for the seats!

There is no doubt the extras make flights more comfortable, but they can add up. However, there are ways to keep that cost down. If you don't mind where you sit, don't pay for a seat. Let the airline assign one. Pay ahead for your checked bag, it will be less expensive. I always try to book nonstop or flights earlier in the day as I have found that delays get worse as the day goes by, take an empty water bottle, and fill it at the water stations after you go through security and finally, take some snacks in your “personal belonging” bag or purse. Avoid peanuts as you don’t know who may be allergic.

Would I fly Frontier or Spirit again? Absolutely! Do I recommend them? Yes! These two are my go-to mainly because they do not take a big junk out of my vacation money. I rather use my extra hard earn money for vacation “stuff” and not airfare. Wouldn’t you?

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